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Why OSHA Certification is Essential For Future Businesses

By Flavia Lima March 31, 2021

osha certification 


In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA Act) was enacted to protect workers from workplace hazards. Under this act, employers are required to establish plans aimed at specifically protecting their workers.

Following the OSHA certification and safety standards not only results in a safer workplace, but also leads to greater profitability and productivity for businesses. The world is changing, and as a business owner or organization, your bottom line can’t be only about making profits anymore – you have to make your workers’ safety a priority for lasting success.

Companies with an increased focus on workplace safety can minimize injury claim costs, boost employee motivation levels, and achieve a stronger brand reputation as a responsible business over time.

How OSHA Certification Can Help Your Business Growth

The formation of OSHA established safety procedures for companies across the US. Businesses now must follow certain rules, such as:

  •       Following safe work practices
  •       Training all employees regarding workplace hazards, and safety procedures
  •       Providing NIOSH-approved personal protective equipment (PPE) to their employees

Managers must undergo proper training and learn how to enforce safety regulations and handle emergency situations.

Did you know that adhering to these standards has helped reduce workplace fatalities by more than 62% since OSHA’s inception? Before OSHA, there were no specific safety standards in place for the protection of workers in dangerous work environments, and that used to result in about 38 deaths each day in 1970.

Even though we still have a long way to go with at least 16 workers’ deaths every day, OSHA has helped cut down the number of injuries and accidents on the job significantly. In other words, not only fewer workers are getting injured now, but the medical and legal expenses for businesses have also reduced.

Training your employees and creating a safety plan can prevent these costly incidents from occurring. On top of this, when your workers know that you are taking thorough measures to ensure their safety, they are more likely to reward you with higher morale and increased productivity.

Also, train your workers in advance on how to handle OSHA inspections. Have a designated point-of-contact to answer the questions posed by inspectors regarding safety practices. Let your employees know what to expect in case an accident occurs; this will prevent any confusion during a situation when every moment counts.

This will help minimize the likelihood of future incidents, as several studies have shown that companies who comply with OSHA certification safety standards experience a lower number of workers’ compensation claims.

Is Your OSHA Certification Up To Date?

Businesses found not in compliance with OSHA regulations face substantial financial penalties and other legal consequences that are just as costlier. Having a citation on your record could tank your company’s reputation and impact your ability to bid for contracts.

To avoid this disastrous scenario, contact Professional Fit Testing Services to find out which safety standards apply to your particular business. We can help you implement policies and procedures to make sure your company remains in compliance with OSHA certification requirements.

Remember, putting safety first enhances an organization’s standing in the community, and creates positive publicity. Call us today at (336) 802-1759 or write to us online.

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