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Avoid These Violations With OSHA Fit Testing Services

By Flavia Lima March 24, 2021


osha fit testing services

In July 2020, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited an Ohio-based employer for not complying with the respiratory protection standards. Apparently, 7 employees had to be hospitalized after they were found COVID-19 positive due to the lack of safety practices. OSHA levied a whopping $40,482 penalty on the healthcare company.

As an employer, it is crucial for you to take action to safeguard your employees who work in a dangerous setting. This includes hiring OSHA fit testing services to ensure your workers’ respiratory health is protected, especially if they are exposed to hazardous fumes, gases, vapors, dusts, and particles on-site.

How OSHA Fit Testing Services Can Help You Stay Compliant

OSHA has always vigorously enforced the respiratory protection standard, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, the agency has become even more dogged in their efforts. Each year, OSHA releases a list of top ten violations made by employers. Even though it is incredibly easy to comply with the respiratory protection regulation, many companies continue to violate it. 

OSHA mandates that employers must provide a respirator to their employees who are exposed to toxic environments or enclosed spaces where they might struggle to breathe. Working with reputable OSHA fit testing services will help you adhere to these standards without any hassle! These professionals can also help you avoid the most common violations committed by employers across the country.

Hazard Evaluation

According to the OSHA respiratory standard, you must identify and evaluate the respiratory hazards in the workplace, and determine their contamination level. You can do this with the help of a mathematical approach or objective data.

The goal of this standard is to help you choose the right size, style, and type of NIOSH-approved respirator. OSHA fit testing services can help you avoid making inaccurate job site evaluations that may lead to buying incorrect respirators. 

Establishing a Respiratory Program

If your employee needs to wear a respirator, it is your responsibility to provide them proper information regarding the use of respirator. And when we say “information”, we don’t mean a single page printout or hand-written notes on a paper.

You must have a solid respiratory program (in writing) that includes info to help your employee determine whether or not they are healthy enough to wear a respirator; and that it is properly stored, cleaned, and maintained.

Don’t have a respiratory protection program? Certified professionals who provide OSHA fit testing services can help you create one from scratch.

Respirator Fit Testing

Many employers as well as employees think that respirator fit testing is only required when the employee is hired. Respirators need to fit the employee’s face perfectly. If your employee has had significant weight loss or gain, or their facial contours have changed (for example, a broken nose), it may create problems. Based on this, according to the OSHA guidelines, the fit testing is to be performed annually, as well as whenever a different brand respirator is used.

Contact Us For Certified OSHA Fit Testing Services Today

Professional Fit Testing Services provides qualitative fit testing to keep your workers safe and your company OSHA compliant. We understand that issuing respirators without proper education and fit testing can lead to more harm than good. Our fit testing trainers will come to your job site to perform the fit testing, saving you precious time and resources. To schedule a fit testing, call us today at (336) 802-1759 or contact us online.

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