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How to Get Compliant With OSHA Respirator Fit Testing Services

By Flavia Lima March 13, 2021

osha respirator fit testing services

Do your employees work in an environment where the air is simply unfit to breathe? Does your company have a program or framework in place to assure your employees of their safety while performing their jobs? What are you doing to make sure your employees are protected from occupational disease or lung damage?

These are very important questions to ask to protect the occupational safety and health of your workers. Engaging OSHA respirator fit testing services can be a crucial step in the safeguard from occupationally induced diseases such as cancer, lung impairment, and even death.

Simply buying respirators is not enough – you have to make sure that your employees are properly fitted for the respirators they are wearing. And a company that provides OSHA respirator fit testing services can help you to do just that. 

Why OSHA Respirator Fit Testing Services Matter

There are a plethora of workplace settings and industries that involve exposure to harmful gases, fogs, mists, dusts, sprays, and vapors. These settings include: 

  •       Toxic substance environments
  •       Oxygen-deficient environments
  •       Enclosed or confined spaces

Employees who work in any of these industry settings, are susceptible to aerosolized particles that contain hazardous compounds and impurities. Many of these particulates remain suspended in the air for extended periods of time – much like the novel coronavirus! 

In most cases, these particles are generated when an employee performs their job duties, exposing them to respiratory risks such as chemical contaminants during pharmaceutical production or petroleum refining, metal fumes from welding, or toxic dust from mining or cutting cement.

Working with OSHA respirator fit testing services will ensure your workers are well-protected from these perilous risks by wearing respirators that fit properly.

Also, you can’t simply buy any respirator. Respirators come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, so it’s important to choose one that provides the best seal and face fit. Certified OSHA fit testing trainers know that a proper seal will inhibit the flow of air between the respirator’s sealing surface and user’s face.

This ensures that the air inhaled by the worker will either originate from the supplied-air system or pass through the filter media, maximizing their protection. Professional OSHA respirator fit testing services will teach the worker how to properly put on and wear the respirator. Using a respirator fit test is the only way to determine whether the worker is wearing it correctly.

Contact Us For OSHA Respirator Fit Testing Services

All too often, employers look at OSHA respirator fit testing services as just something they have to tick off their annual to-do list. Yet several studies have shown that taking the time to hire certified fit testing trainers ensures the respirator-using employees are getting the protection they need and deserve!

A respiratory protection program created with the help of experienced OSHA fit testing professionals is the only way to achieve this. Professional Fit Testing Services is a leading provider of mobile health screenings and testing. For the last 13+ years, we have worked closely with government agencies, private industries, as well as businesses to deliver OSHA certified testing solutions.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an on-site fit testing, call us today at (336) 802-1759 or complete this online contact form.

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